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For over 30 years, Mega Bloks® has helped parents everywhere nurture their toddlers’ curiosity and creativity.

We know play is an important part of how your toddler is learning to move, think and feel.

And that’s why First Builders blocks are made just for preschoolers’ little hands and growing minds.

We take pride in each toy we create and in the amazing things we can help your child achieve every time they play.

So, from the first block they grasp to each new step in your child’s development, Mega Bloks® will be there to help you Build Them Up™.

Explore First Builders Huge physical milestones occur in the early years – stretching, walking, running. Expressing oneself through imaginative play and storytelling.

The ability to coordinate large muscles to reach those milestones – and more – gets refined as your child plays and grows. These are things great thinkers do, and they’re wonderful ways to open your child’s mind.

Identifying feelings and knowing that others may feel differently are skills your child develops naturally through play.

Developing empathy and using self-control to express those feelings appropriately will come with patience.

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