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People all over the globe have enjoyed card games for centuries.

Historians have evidence of games being played in China as early as 868 during the Tang dynasty, which unsurprisingly is considered a golden cultural age.

Moving much closer to the home and heart, cards are among the first games we play as children, not counting peekaboo.

It’s no surprise that in the world of online gambling, card games are king.

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Whether you are a poker professional or new to online gambling, card games are always great on the internet.

Not only can you play at a moment’s notice, but you won’t be forced to play solitaire if you can’t round up your friends.

There are various card games to choose from in 2019.

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Most people are familiar with at least the basics of blackjack.

With simple rules and great payouts when you play properly, it's always in demand at every offline and online casino.

Like many other card games, online gambling sites give you multiple ways to play.